In this “Fix It Friday” video, I address a common error when executing the pull off, which involves reaching across the centre line to execute this technique. Otherwise, it’s a reach!

If you are unable to view the video in this post, see here.

This common error leaves one vulnerable to a counter, not to mention having a poor base from which to execute the pull off. If you do this, it’s a reach!

As indicated in the video, it’s best to step to the right and to bring your cane to your centre line at the same time.

Done correctly, this makes the pull off quite easy. The pull off is a regular part of the Bamboo Spirit Flow Drills. See Flow Drill #1 for example.

This concept translates to empty hand self defense techniques as well. For example, if you’re defending against a same side grab and want to execute a centre lock, arm bar, or a pull off, you need to bring the grabbed hand to your centre line in order to succeed.

Some may ask “Would this technique work against a non-compliant partner?”

Yes! The answer is discussed in this post.

Pay attention to proper structure and body positioning with any martial art technique you are practicing and you have a fighting chance!

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