Let’s put some elbow grease on and discuss the correct way to execute disarm #7.

If you are not able to see the video, see here.

Having a good structure is the key to many disarms and disarm #7 is no exception. As demonstrated in the video, having the elbow up will leave you vulnerable to a counter.

Better to have the elbow down, as shown in the video.

One of the things left unsaid in the video is that you can strike your opponent’s weapon hand before disarming. See 0:46 of the video. Such a strike may make the disarm superfluous.

Unfortunately, I have seen the “bad” version of this disarm on a number of videos on YouTube and it drives me bananas. Hence, I felt that this issue needed to be addressed.

Some have wondered about the practicality of this disarm. If you think in terms of applying the basic disarms to other angles of attacks, then you might see that the #7 disarm can be effectively deployed against angle #1.

Apply some elbow grease and execute this disarm correctly!

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