An improper tapi tapi block will usually angled toward your face. Thus the mantra: don’t poke yourself.

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This is somewhat of a common problem among beginner and intermediate Arnisadors. As I pointed out in this video, structure is so important in this technique. Otherwise, you will find yourself in deep trouble. 

Oftentimes, the player is thinking of the second move before finishing the tapi tapi block. Don’t make this mistake. Focus on a good block before moving on to your killer move. 🙂

“But what if your partner/opponent is too quick and I’m not able to execute a decent tapi tapi block on time?”

Tip: if this is the case, use your check hand to intercept your partner’s cane (depending on the angle of attack, at least the fist portion of his cane or his arm) and hold your cane back for a follow up strike. Don’t bother trying to catch up with a fast stick or you may end up with a compromised tapi tapi block. Don’t poke yourself!  Remember, there are always options, solutions, and counters in Modern Arnis. Ain’t that a grand thing?

Over to you, any comments?

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