In this “Fix It Friday” video, I discuss the proper way to execute the Modern Arnis version of palis palis. If it looks like you’re “reaching for the sky” then the technique needs to be fixed!


If you are not able to view the video, click here.

Obviously, I exaggerated “reaching for the sky” for dramatic purposes in this video.

However, I see a number of people doing this, ranging from the obvious to a less obvious version.

Palis palis is among my favourite techniques in Modern Arnis. When practicing palis palis against either angle 1 or angle 2, it is tempting to raise the cane in anticipation of the attack.

However, such a motion leaves you vulnerable should your timing be off or the adversary is faster than anticipated.

A simple counter to one who is “reaching for the sky” is to execute a horizontal slash across their midsection, known in Modern Arnis circles as “banda y banda.”

Don’t leave yourself open to this counter!

As demonstrated in the video, you are better served with a more compact palis palis technique.

Again, good structure leads to good positioning and improved odds for your defence.

Have you seen this in your class? How have you fixed it?

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