When learning Modern Arnis for the first time, proper grip of the stick is taught at the outset.

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Improper grip of the stick is often a beginner’s mistake which can lead to injury if not addressed immediately.

In this “Fix It Friday” video, I showed two of the most common mistakes in gripping the stick.

One is gripping the stick with the thumb extended.

The other is with the index finger extended.

From my experience, the grip with the thumb extended is the more common of the two. This likely results from the unfamiliarity in holding a cane. Sometimes it’s just a matter of reinforcing to the student the correct way to hold a stick and they become acclimated to it over time.

Most often, once you point out the dangers of an extended digit on the cane, they become more conscious of gripping the cane in the correct way.

A proper grip is essential to avoiding injury!

Have you seen students do this?

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