“Mighty Casey at bat” refers to the incorrect extension of the arm while executing a cane strike. In this post, I discuss how to fix this.

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A common mistake among beginners is holding the cane with their wrist straightened out at an awkward angle.

The problem with this, aside from the extra strain on the wrist, elbow and shoulder, is that this leads to poor power generation.

This also leads to stiff technique as well. One should think of the body as an interconnected unit in which all parts work together to generate power. When a student holds a cane in this awkward position, the arm is essentially disconnected from the body from the perspective of power generation.

Therefore, I address this issue from the beginning and encourage good habits by telling the students to form an “L” where the arm and the cane are perpendicular to each other. Once the student has this proper position, we then can begin to work on power generation.

Bottom line, the positioning of the wrist can affect a person’s power generation.

Is this a common problem in your class? Tell us how you fixed it!

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