From an instructor’s perspective, one of the things that drives me crazy are those who practice the “wet noodle” version of feeding their partner.  There is absolutely no benefit to this at all.  There is often a lack of energy that is bothersome. The practicing partner does not get the opportunity to really practice their techniques against a solid attacker. Would a predator attack you in a “wet noodle” fashion? NO.

I have learned that there are several reasons behind the “wet noodles” version of feeding. First is a lack of confidence in their own skill level. For most students, “wet noodles” usually recede as their skill level increases. In other cases, it may indicate a lack of interest or engagement in the class. In other cases, one partner assumes that another is less capable. A good example is a man “taking it easy” on a female training partner. It’s rather disappointing when I see that.

In the latter case, feeding “wet noodles” is a form of disrespect to the training partner. It does not serve either party well. It often can be fixed by addressing the issue with the offending student. Maybe they are tired or distracted. I just remind them that class takes up only a finite amount of time.

However, from my experience, in most cases, when I see the “wet noodle” version of feeding, this is a potential sign of a student losing interest in my classes. Maybe he or she has just lost interest in Modern Arnis. Or maybe that person has gotten bored with my instruction. Either way, when I see this, I now try to address the issue and find out what’s going on. It took me awhile to figure this out and I confess that, by the time, I figured out what was going on, I was too late.

Have you seen this? How have you addressed this?

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