“Don’t Eat the Stick” refers to what happens with the incorrect execution of abanico corto against angle 2, as illustrated by the below video.

If you are not able to view this video, click here.

This “Fix It Friday” video specifically addresses a common mistake with the abanico corto technique off angle 2, which results in “eating the stick.” Great for the local dentist but not so good for you!  

“Eating the stick” often happens when there is a failure to move the opponent’s cane and the arm out of the way in order to execute the abanico corto technique. 

Easier said than done. This is a very technical aspect of the Abanico Corto technique against angle 2.

You must first maneuver your opponent’s cane out of the way. 

As you begin the fanning motion, you will naturally move the opponent’s stick hand out of the way. When you do, you will strike your opponent.

The first step is the most crucial step though. If you do not move your opponent’s cane out of the way, it will hit your face. Hence the term “don’t eat the stick!”

Based on my experience, this requires a substantial number of repetitions in order to correctly execute this. I tell you that rattan does not taste good, whether it be fried, baked, flambeed, or grilled! 🙂

Don’t eat the stick!


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