Don’t Curtsy is a joking reference to my students executing the step behind footwork. While the step behind footwork may be appropriate in some circumstances, it is not advised to do so in other scenarios.

If you are not able to view this video, click here.

With certain exceptions, it is not a good idea to cross step while executing a cane technique.

As I demonstrated in the video, I often see students cross step while executing an umbrella block against angle 12. I see this in the pull off technique off angle 2 as well.

This is often results from an insufficient first step. The practitioner tend tends to overcompensate by cross stepping.

This is not a good idea as that leaves you vulnerable to a sweep or a takedown.

Professor Presas would often take advantage of the unfortunate soul who cross stepped in the manner that I demonstrated in the video. Don’t curtsy!

The remedy is to fix that first step by taking a more assertive first step and utilizing the two step footwork that I demonstrated in the video. This leaves you in a better position to finish your opponent or to defend yourself should the opponent successfully counter you.

 Remember, Don’t Curtsy!  

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