Incorrect footwork makes you look like you’re ready for “Dancing with the Stars!”

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Among the skills acquired while learning the “block, check, counter” drill is proper footwork.

Proper footwork facilitates the proper defence against any angle of attack. Improper footwork leads to poor structure and body positioning leading to a bad outcome.

As demonstrated in this video, one of the more common mistakes that I see with either young students or beginners is that they cross their feet while executing this drill.

As pointed out in the video, a common mistake against angle 1 is to step up with the left foot rather than the right foot.

This causes the weapon hand to cross the centre line, thus allowing a smart player to counter with a heavy check on the weapon hand. It is easy to move someone who is in this incorrect position. Don’t do it! If you’re dancing with the stars, you’ll have a bad outcome. 🙂

It’s all about good structure and body positioning!

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