In this post, I discuss the importance of the check hand. The check hand can be used in so many ways. Not using it is almost a state crime!

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One of the skills that I emphasize in my Bamboo Spirit Martial Arts classes is using the check hand to defend against an opponent’s #1 and #2 strikes. Learning to use the check hand against angle 1 is a bit more difficult than against angle 2 due to the body mechanics involved.

I admit that it drives me crazy when a student fails to use their check hand particularly against angle 2. With proper footwork, it’s very easy to insert the hand and check the opponent’s weapon hand. There’s really no excuse to leave the check hand out while defending against angle 2. Doing so is passing up an opportunity to steal the lead and turn the tables on your opponent. How can anyone pass this opportunity up?

In short, use that check hand!

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