Master of Tapi Tapi Brian Zawilinski Seminar in September of 2006.

I have been in Ontario, Canada for less than 4 weeks and I have been teaching Modern Arnis with a couple of great guys already. Mike and David sure have made my transition to life in Ontario much easier and it’s great to have a couple of friends like them already. I met them through Master of Tapi Tapi Brian Zawilinski. In the past couple of years, Mike and David have brought Master Brian up for a couple of seminars. My wife and I attended the last one in September of 2006 in Stouffville. 

I look forward to teaching Modern Arnis in Oshawa and elsewhere in the Greater Toronto area. But first things first, I need to sort out all the stuff that I brought up here from Columbus and hunker down for a job search in this area. 

I love it up here in Ontario. Beautiful area! I will be going up to the famed cottage country soon and will get to experience of natural beauty of Ontario first hand. Looking forward to it!

We have begun discussing plans to spread the wonderful art of Modern Arnis throughout the Greater Toronto area. I will be chronicling those efforts as well as my thoughts on various aspects of the art of Modern Arnis. Enjoy!

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