Photo after the first class taught in Oshawa.
From left to right: Jason, myself, Mary-Anne, Jon, and Chris.

The first Oshawa Modern Arnis class took place on Wednesday, Feb 20, 2008!

 My goal was to get 2 to 5 people in for the initial class.

I got 5 participants, one of whom left early due to the fact that Modern Arnis wasn’t what he was looking for.

The other 4 (including my wife) enthusiastically participated in the 2 hour class, focusing on the basics (the 12 angles, variations of single sinawali, both cane and empty handed, and basic block, check, and counter).

What was interesting is that they had been looking for a Filipino martial art to practice for quite some time and were happy to have me in their backyard. Real nice folks. One of the remarked to me that having Filipino Martial Arts just metaphorically drop into his backyard was a delightful surprise. I know the feeling from my experiences in Columbus, Ohio!

One of them, Chris, was kind enough to have a group picture taken at the end of the first Oshawa Modern Arnis class for posterity!

It was a lot of fun to be teaching again. I’m looking forward to the next class and attracting more people to Modern Arnis and all it has to offer!

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