There is nothing more fun than practicing sticks with friends!

Want to be like Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, Rey, and Jason Bourne? Then Modern Arnis is what you need!

I teach a Filipino Martial Art called Modern Arnis, which was founded by the late Professor Remy Presas. Modern Arnis emphasizes self-defense rather than fighting. We cover empty hand self-defense, defenses against weapons such as sticks and knives. I emphasize the concepts of “going with the flow” and “counter for counter” in learning self-protection.

Learning how to de-escalate is a large part of my classes as well.

Filipino Martial Arts is a great martial art for the 21st century because it emphasizes critical thinking and adaptability.

Perfect for everyone, especially children!

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The Bamboo Shoots program is designed for children, ages 7 through 10.

Through Filipino Martial Arts, we teach the following:

• Physical literacy. This means giving them the fundamentals of body movement and being able to move around their surrounding environment with confidence.

• Values of respect, confidence, courtesy, and discipline.

• Stranger awareness, personal safety skills, escape techniques, conflict management, and goal setting in a fun relaxed atmosphere.

• Filipino culture. This includes basic terminology, the history of the Philippines and of Modern Arnis.

• Personal safety: We focus on easy to learn empty hand and weapons techniques derived from Filipino martial arts. We also employ role playing and games to reinforce newly learned skills.

Contact me to schedule your child for a free class! 

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Want a fun workout for those after sitting at a desk all day long? And learn self-defence?

Or do you want to supplement your prior martial arts background with a cool art that will transform you into Jason Bourne?

The class is more than just a class. It’s a great community that is welcoming and inclusive. I am proud to say that the students constantly coach each other through the various techniques that I teach in class.

What can you expect in an Adult class?

(1) You can expect to meet a great community!

(2) You can expect to play with sticks from day one. Be Jason Bourne or Jennifer Garner!

(3) You can expect to forget about life outside of class.

(4) You can expect to be challenged mentally and physically!

Contact me to schedule your free trial class.  I hope to hear from you!

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