This post discusses the emerging academic field of “deliberate practice.”

In the past 15 years or so, a growing body of research has delved into the issue of expert performance. What made Bobby Fischer a great chess player? Why is Tiger Woods on the way to becoming one of the greatest golfers ever? Why does someone become a top notch pianist or martial artist?  This body of research has indicated that talent is essentially irrelevant. What is relevant, as shown by the below link, is hard work, more specifically, “deliberate practice” a term coined by a brilliant psychologist named Anders Ericcson. I’ll post the link to the original article, that started it all, in the next entry. First, a sampler:

Deliberate Practice

And here’s a fun read from the Freakonomics section of the NY Times:


For those reading this blog, this has obvious implications for those who are teaching or working with somebody or for yourself on your personal journey of self discovery. The next entry will cover key points of the original paper by Ericcson.

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