In this video, I demonstrate the 4th flow drill  that I teach at Bamboo Spirit Martial Arts. This is known as “the counter to the standard clear.”

As indicated in past posts, these drills are not combative and are designed to teach the major concepts of Modern Arnis. I like the flow drills as it keeps both parties busier than the traditional one step format.

This flow drill deals with a basic counter to an opponent’s attempt to clear the driver’s stick after the tapi tapi block. As one can see in the video, the counter is basic.

What’s not so basic is this requires you to spot your partner’s intentions. If you do not pay attention, the opponent will clear your stick and steal the lead.

There are a number of options available to the driver after countering the standard clear. For the purposes of this flow drill, a #6 cross body thrust is employed and the drill continues from there.

The cross body thrust is a great way for the defender to learn to torque their body for defensive purposes. If proper body mechanics is not properly utilized, the thrust will catch the defender in his right chest/shoulder area.

As with any flow drill, there are combative applications.

In this video, after countering the clear, I perform a cross body bait with a slap off. This is a very quick technique. Restraint in speed is advised as well as allowing the defender to train their reaction speed. The possibilities after the counter to the clear are endless. You are limited only by your imagination.

Give this a try!

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