In this post, I focus on the concept of “clearing.”

The “Clearing Drill” is the 2nd flow drill that I teach in Bamboo Spirit Martial Arts. This drill is a basic counter drill in which the defender learns to “steal the lead” and turns the table on the driver.

This “clearing drill” works on several skills. Among those are the slap off, the tapi tapi block, the first clear, the backhand clear, the right sweep stroke and defending against the pull off punyo strike.

This drill is designed to be performed continuously so that both partners can consistently work on their skills. As noted before, this is not combat. This is a drill to build skills.

The flow drills teach the flow. As such, this is prearranged flow. It is not THE flow. This is nothing more than a learning tool.

As can be seen in the video, I demonstrate one combat application of this flow drill. It involves using the backhand clear to hit the opponent in the head. I then followed up with a #1 strike to Alex’s head. A very effective combination.

Have you practiced or used any of the elements of the “clearing drill?”

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