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Recently I was watching Filipino Martial Arts videos on YouTube when I came across one video demonstrating empty hand self defence against knife attacks.

The person demonstrating the techniques in this video purports to be a high level martial artist. Yet, the body mechanics displayed in this particular video undermines this practitioner’s claim to be a Grandmaster.

He demonstrated two basic empty hand defences against a knife attack. The first basic defence is against a thrust to the abdomen (for Modern Arnis players, this is #5). He defends with a low X block. The problem is not necessarily the X block itself. Rather, the execution is lacking. Instead of shifting his body one side or the other, he remains stationary. Instead, the X block is executed with the knife aimed squarely at his belly.

Poor footwork and body mechanics.

This drill proceeds with the feeder countering the X block and executing a thrust to the left side of the purported GM’s chest (#6 for Modern Arnis players). In this instance, this so called Grandmaster defends with a cross hand sinawali parry.

Again, the execution of the defence is problematic. The most glaring problem is that he lifts his arm, and consequently, his elbow, while executing the sinawali parry. This leaves him wide open for the feeder to go under the sinawali parry with a banda y banda slice across the belly.

He repeats this mistake over and over in this video.

The sad thing is that his lower ranking partner’s sinawali parry is significantly better than this self proclaimed GM.

It is apparent that this GM has been blinded by ego and pride. He believes himself to be a Grandmaster and a representative of a particular martial art. As a friend of mine once said “I’ve not seen ONE video of this person that impresses me.”

Poor body structure, mechanics, and positioning is prevalent in many of his YouTube videos. Many times, I just cannot finish watching one of his videos.

Is it any wonder that the fictional Master Ken has become so popular in the martial arts community?

Don’t let yourself get into this trap and stay open minded to improving oneself every single day.

Don’t let ego and pride get in the way!

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