Be in the Moment!

Where is your mind when you train in a martial arts class, seminar or in a private lesson? Are you focused on the instructor? Are you focused on learning the material and training with your partner? Or are your eyes wandering over to the clock every few minutes? Are you thinking of work or home life while training?

One of the difficult things for any student is to learn to push outside distractions out of their minds and just focus on being in the moment. Just focus on training in the moment. Focus on learning the material that is being taught. Be in the moment. BE THE MOMENT! Revel in the moment. Revel in the learning process. Enjoy the chance of blocking out life’s distractions during class. If you are not engaged in the process of training, might that be a total waste of that present moment? Enjoy that moment before it vanishes. Appreciate the gift of having the opportunity to block out life outside of class for a finite period of time.

Choose wisely what to do with that moment.

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