A New Year and a New Name !

The inspiration for the new name comes from Terence, one of my students, who suggested using the word “Bamboo” in some form. Thanks, Terence!

The bamboo plant is culturally significant in many parts of Asia, including China, India, Japan, and the Philippines. Filipino culture is replete with tales and myths about bamboo. For example, it is believed that the first man and first woman emerged from bamboo shoots. In a general sense, bamboo has stood for strength and flexibility, hardness and softness as well as adaptability. Some say that bamboo is soft as silk and strong as steel. These are the attributes and qualities that we, at Bamboo Spirit Martial Arts, will strive to impart to our students. These qualities will become increasingly important in a globalized and interconnected 21st century world.

The bamboo plant is noted for its adaptability, growing in different areas of the world, even here in Canada! Unlike an oak tree, the bamboo plant can bend with the wind. The bamboo plant thrives in hot and cold climates alike and continually renews itself.

The notion of adaptability is especially important with respect to learning and mastering self defense skills, which includes avoidance, awareness, verbal skills, verbal de-escalation, conflict avoidance, knowing the difference between “fighting” and “self defense” and how that may impact your post conflict life. The adaptability is physically present when we engage in Modern Arnis tapi tapi, where we learn to go with the flow and counter an attacker’s moves. As bamboo is a renewable resource, we seek to renew your energy with every class you attend! It is hoped that the students become infused with the qualities of bamboo, hence the “spirit” aspect of the name.

Welcome to Bamboo Spirit Martial Arts!

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