The opening sequence of Anyo Tatlo Empty Hand Form Three is essentially “sinawali boxing” that Professor Presas often taught at camps and seminars. This is similar to Wing Chun’s “pak sao” followed by a punch.  

This technique is called “sinawali boxing” for the reason that the parry is a sinawali parry. The sinawali parry can be used either on the outside or on in the inside. In this video, I used the sinawali parry from the outside, both in the 2 count and 3 count version.

In teaching my students, I start with the 2 count version of sinawali boxing. This is designed to teach them the correct parry and the two step footwork. Once they have this down, I then teach the 3 count version to add a bit more “aliveness” to this technique. Once they feel comfortable with this, we can then start playing with various punches off the sinawali parry as well as grappling techniques and takedowns. 

As one can see from the video, there are some creative interpretations of the sinawali boxing sequence. I used this sequence as a counter to Alex’s #1 disarm. As can be seen, one can use this purely as empty hand techniques or as a way to sacrifice your stick in order to achieve the objective of defending yourself.

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