a technique!

Ha! I have your attention! You thought that I was going to discuss something else, didn’t you? šŸ™‚ Now please read on.

Let’s discuss one of the ways that great instructors strive to improve your basics. The truly good ones do not just have you practice the same movement over and over. Doing exactly the same basic movement repeatedly can lead to boredom and degradation of your movement. Degradation of the basic movement comes from mindless repetition and less attention to detail.

Over and over and over and over!

So how do the good instructors do it? They come up with different variations (or “shades”) of the basic technique. By varying the context, order, rhythm or timing of the technique or just making it fun, the instructor injects more variety into the practice of that basic technique.

For example, a karate instructor may teach basic bunkai of a technique. The students are still doing the same move but in a partner based context. Often, there are different applications of a technique.

Take the classic down block, for example. Wouldn’t mixing things up be better than doing endless repetitions of the down block in the air?

An example of “hidden basics” where Alex applies the slap off version of the first gif.

Mixing this up can be called “advanced basics” or “hidden basics.” Either way, by varying the shades or variations in which a basic technique is practiced, the boredom factor is taken out and the basics, in my opinion, will dramatically improve!

You have “50 shades of…..techniques!” šŸ™‚

Have you, as either an instructor or as a student, done “hidden basics?”

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